Home from Telluride

Diptic Telluride

Thank you Telluride!

Dinner at RusticoWe are now home from our wonderful time in Colorado.  Leaving the guys behind to do their ride was difficult but they were totally ready and into it. Our last day of hiking Linda and I did a 6 mile hike through fields of yellow flowers, along a babbling steam, with the mountain peaks in the background, we couldn’t ask for anything more! The guys will ride 500 miles in the next week. We will be praying for them to be safe and have a fantastic time.



We also had a lovely dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Rustico Ristorante on Colorado St. Authentic food with great wine.

If you have the opportunity to visit Colorado, take it, it is one of our favorite places to be. But no matter where you roam, there’s no place like home.

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2 Responses to Home from Telluride

  1. Iris Lima says:

    Lovely place.I’m sure you enjoyed it.

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