The other men in my life…

In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks“-John Muir 

 Michael and David are the other men in my life. They are very much a part of my walking the Camino de Santiago. I carry them in my heart every step of the way.  My intention is to dedicate this walk to my sons, praying for them along the way. A prayer for clarity in their lives, for passion and purpose and fulfillment of their potential and their dreams. Like all mothers I want the absolute best for my sons and on this journey I expect to let go of my expectations for them and embrace all that they are and are yet to be. I am proud of my sons for they are full of goodness and strength, they both have creative minds and are on their own journeys. To their credit they also value their family and life itself. May God guide them in His purpose for them in this world. My deepest prayer is that LOVE  abound in and around them!

One cannot walk the Camino and not examine the content of their lives and ask the deeper questions of life and death. As we get older these questions get stronger and harder to ignore. The loss of my father will also be very much on my mind and I know he  will be walking with me. I am honored to walk with his spirit. Lastly, my dear brothers Danny, Orlando and Osvaldo, whom I love with all my heart, will be prayed for and cherished on this walk. These men will support me, and give me the courage to do the inner work that needs to be done. They will also help me persevere for the physical challenges may be great but I can feel them present and they will all sustain me. I cannot put into words how I am blessed!

Michael and David

Michael Gabriel Cook and David Evan Cook

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One Response to The other men in my life…

  1. danny says:

    You have a gift in the way you expressed your feelings,we will always be there for you in spirit an in prayer, wherever you are we are there with you,much love.

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