Hiking in Gunnison, CO.

This morning we were up early for a hike just outside of Gunnison past the town of Almont. We took a little detour and found the most beautiful valley tucked away in the mountains. After checking with a local resort we were directed to Doctor Park Trail and there we went. The trail head began with a steep climb for about a half mile and then into the most astonishing meadow of  pine and aspen trees. We did not want to leave but had promised the husbands that we would return by noon 😦 So we savored the hike and as it was starting to drizzle returned to Gunnison for our day drive to Telluride. The guys rode their bikes until the threatening rain turned them around.

We stopped in Montrose for lunch at a great little place called The Red Barn where we had sandwiches and then were on our way. The drive is one of the most green, lush landscapes we have ever seen. It’s been another great day. Tomorrow we will explore Telluride and go out on the trails again while the guys go for a ride. We have our eye on a trail that follows along the creek…


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One Response to Hiking in Gunnison, CO.

  1. susieant says:

    What a beautiful countryside. I was there in spirit. How blessed we are to be walking all over this beautiful country of ours.

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