The Backpack

“The object of a country walk is to get away from it all, not to take it all with you.”         John Wyatt (1993)

The lists have been made, revised and edited, and then made again. Susie and I have looked at lists on-line, have asked pilgrims (Bobbie, Brenda, Linda) for advice, checked with professionals (REI) and still we are uncertain about just how much stuff to take with us! Today I will carry my pack for the first time. Susie has been schelping hauling wearing her’s around for a month now with contents weighing about 15 lbs. and doing a fine job of it! I will start off with my pack almost empty. I will add weight to it gradually.Backpack A well-fitted pack is suppose to be comfortable not a burden.  I have about 2 1/2 months to go before the Camino so I don’t want to rush anything 🙂 I have most of my supplies accounted for but as of today have not been able to let go of any items. In time we will be ready to do that but not just yet. We also have to water-proof and bug-proof items but that will wait until the last-minute before the final audit. I know I cannot take it all. We will revisit this later.

Meanwhile our training is going well. We are putting in the miles…today I did a 6 mile loop on the Llama Trail starting from Little Horse Trail Head. I finding that living in the present is hard when you want the day of departure to come swiftly. I am assured by my friends that day will arrive soon enough. I remind myself just to stay the course…

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One Response to The Backpack

  1. susieant says:

    Nicely put. That backpack looks familiar. Embrace carrying your pack. It will be our best friend soon enough.

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