My plan for doing a longer hike today did not materialize. I awoke to an extremely windy, blustery morning. I am not a fan of the wind at that velocity. I choose to stay indoors. I will go to the gym and do some weight training and focus on my diet which has been a challenge this past week. It also seems to be getting hotter now by 8:30 a.m. so I will be getting out even earlier than usual starting on Sunday.

Our tree crickets have arrived, that would be our cicadas, you can hear them in the trees on the trails.  If you click on their name you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about them. They are a curiosity. I having never heard nor seen them was fascinated when we first arrived in Sedona. Here is a little known fact: The males have a loud noisemaker called a tymbal . They have among the loudest of insect- produced sounds. This is especially notable as their song is technically loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss in humans, should the cicada sing just outside the listener’s ear. They can definitely keep you up at night!

Where cicadas live...

Where cicadas live…

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