I am taking a day off from hiking. Susie and I discussed how we needed some motivation to lose a few more pounds so we have proposed a challenge to make it happen. I have known for some time that I need to get into the gym and do some weight training, and sit-ups to get some muscle tone. So my goal is to lose 5 lbs. for each of the next three months until we leave for Spain. Seems pretty doable, aye?

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

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5 Responses to Motivation

  1. kathy levin says:

    I know that you’ll do it, because every time you set a goal for yourself, you are relentless in achieving it! Could you possibly also take my body to the gym and then drop it off when it is toned up? It especially need new strong arms and less tummy flab.

  2. nildarcook says:

    Knowing we have your support means alot, thanks!

  3. Juana Montanez says:

    Go for it you guys can do it. Tell me how I can motivate you?

  4. susieant says:

    I definitely agree. We can do this. Challenges always bring great results and motivate us to meet our goals.

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