My friend Bobbie

photoSo today my friend Bobbie Surber leaves for her second Camino de Santiago adventure. This will be our last hike together until we see each other again in August just before Susie and I depart for Spain. This time she takes the Norte route along the northern coast of Spain. I am nervous for her.

Bobbie will be gone for over six weeks. She will encounter wind, rain and cold and once again, what is most frightening, the unknown. But she is ready and the adrenaline is pumping! This is a woman who is very engaged in life whether with her family, community or friendships, she is ever present, involved and giving. I will miss our hikes, her company and advice but I know she will return to us even better than she left us.

On her last trip she shared that her ‘heart was broken open’. She is at the same time open enough, tough enough and humble enough to allow herself to be set on that path of transformation again… and our thoughts and prayers will go with her! I pray that not only will she be rewarded with the beautiful vistas of the coastal trails but with new strength and insights on all levels.

Susie and I will follow in her footsteps (literally) and even if for just two weeks we will aim to do her proud as we face our own challenges, demons, and growth. So the adventure continues…



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