Contemplating the Camino

Bobbie on camino

I came across this picture of my friend Bobbie on her first Camino and I recalled a conversation we recently were having about why people of all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, varied motivations and abilities go on this quest of traipsing around the countryside of a foreign country chasing a perhaps elusive outcome. There is of course the spiritual dimension of experiencing the history, culture and environments that somehow seems to bring the peregrinos into a commonality of intention and nature.  This picture brings all of that to mind.

I asked her if she had encountered any crazed, demented or just plain weird pilgrims on the way and she said not really. Most everyone is civilized, courteous, ready to be of service to each other. In reality it sounds like it brings out the best in people, not that bad things can’t happen on the trail, rather that it is rare. I’ve read that almost half of the participants are now female and that speak volumes to me. I look forward to be among them!  All of these thoughts seem to be part of an inner preparation for me and I am liking that I am just scratching the surface of something. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Please do comment as you are also part of the community that takes this journey with me!

p.s. Thanks to Bobbie and Linda for these pictures today.


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2 Responses to Contemplating the Camino

  1. Susie Flores says:

    I am starting to feel very comfortable with the fact we will be safe on our trip. First because Bobbie has given us assurance that we will be. Second I believe our Lord will be traveling with us at all times. Of course, we must use all our knowledge and common sense we have learned over the years.
    I am still not sure what my purpose is for traveling on foot for 200 miles. It will be revealed to me at some point.

    • nildarcook says:

      Yes it will be revealed and we will have an awesome time doing it! After watching the PCT video this is a piece of cake;)! Plus we have each other & I feed good about that!!

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