As I prepare for this journey I will be posting until the date of my departure which will be August 28th, 2013! This trip will begin with my meeting my cousin Susie Flores and her friend Angelica Deaner at the Madrid airport where we will set out for Leon, Spain to begin our trek of 200 miles in approximately 15 days until we arrive in Santiago, Spain. This will be a walk involving spiritual, physical and perhaps unknown transformations. We are open and expectant for whatever God brings! So here goes…

These posts will not deal strictly with walking the Camino but I hope that they will be the starting point to travel anecdotes, bits and pieces of advice and as in-the-moment photos as possible of other places and experiences. First and foremost I will highlight the Camino de Santiago and we’ll see where this all leads.

Realizing there are a multitude of travel blogs available that provide detailed advice, splendid photography and are much more informative, my goal is simply to share my thoughts, observations and experiences briefly and succinctly with you, along with as much good humor and joy as possible given that much of the journey will be arduous and challenging. I genuinely hope you get a real sense of how a journey like this unfolds and how much of an adventure it can be! Glad you are along for the ride!cousin

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