The Countdown Begins …

Another beautiful Spring day in Sedona! Taking a hike with my dear friend Kathy Levin and Levi and enjoying the flowers, the trails and each other.

After reading all we can on India and watching our share of Bollywood movies my husband and I are packing our bags and preparing for departure on April 8th. It will be quite an adventure beginning with our flight which will take two days to reach the capital, Delhi. We will take walking tours, ride rickshaws, travel by train, bus and boat! The schedule is full and varied and we are looking forward to it all. More to come…

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Well Hello!

So here we are, Springtime in Sedona! The weather conditions could not be better for hiking the trails and getting back in shape. While I focus on this, I am especially looking forward to our upcoming vacation. We are headed off to India and Napal for about a month! I am both excited and just a little anxious as the sights, sounds, smells, people, and culture may be a reality check for this gal from So. California. My husband turns 65 in April and he has been wanting to take me to this part of the world for some time, so my gift to him is to go with an open heart and savor the experience. 

I will be posting our travels and lots of pictures so stay tuned to my blog. Meanwhile enjoy the Spring weather and have a blessed Easter!! 


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Getting Active Again!

The snow has melted and the sun is out in beautiful Sedona! Time to hit the trails again and start shedding more pounds and feeling fit and strong once again!
I am establishing a nice mix of routines now that I hope will keep me motivated to kick off the next level of exercise necessary to achieve my goals. Being outdoors for me is always the the spark I need to feel alive and move more! I have also retuned to the gym to train on a bike and doing my ‘Curves’ routine to get strong. All of this will be preparation for our next vacation which will be to India and Nepal!! More on this coming soon…

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Failure and/or Success


Failure and defeat are life’s greatest teachers they say… also I read an article re-defining failure which said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts…”

So begins my new year! I keep the last 10 lbs. lost off for several months but then the Holidays caused a HUGE stumbling block and here I sit with, most not all, of those 10 lbs. settled on my behind once again. What is my real problem? As the cartoons asks , what is my biggest obstacle? Am I so afraid of the success? Or the hard work? I would say NO to these. Am I easily distracted? Is procrastination a problem? That would be a YES!

I have identified a personality that prefers to focus on non-essentional to avoid what I really need and want. I habitually focus not on the goal but on allowing EVERYTHING to have equal importance, and the consequence is missing my real priorities! WHY?? Avoiding the discomfort and disruption required for change is on that list of priorities too! Way high on that list!  It needs to be taken down several knotches if not totally eliminated. Recognize that comfort zone is so COMFORTABLE!

To my credit one of my strengths is that I am very adaptable. While awareness is half the battle in making change happen, it is not enough to recognize what needs to be different, only action and conscious conduct can do that.

Establishing new habits is hard work and this month I will commit to : taking time to reflect and contemplate on what I need to do for myself…work on my indecisive nature by checking it several times a day…do my best to avoid the coping strategies from the past surrounding food whenever I feel uneasy…practice self-love by honoring my limits and boundaries..  These should keep me busy for some time.

So in keeping with my theme of  “Count it all a Blessing”, I will bless it and move on…gather up all my energy and desire to not surrender but continue on…

Blessings for YOUR journey!

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. -Albert Camus

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Winter Day Dreams

There stands my little ‘Rosalie’ statue out in my yard surrounded by snow that is taking it’s time to dissipate. Reminding me that things happen not on my timetable but in due course, in God’s timing! This I know for sure. Here I sit ready with all the anticipation of a New year ahead to begin 2015. I am making plans in my head of all the things I want to accomplish…but wait! Waiting is not on that list and yet wait I must. I have a serious cold that has settled me in bed to sleep and slow-down.

The past several years I have chosen to focus on a word or mantra rather than make a bunch of resolutions that weigh me down and mostly go unfulfilled. This year it will be BLESSINGS, count it ALL a blessing! So whether things look good or bad, I am up or down, I feel joyful or blue, there is pain or wellness, I will count it all a BLESSING! At this stage in my life I have learned to make plans but then let GOD be GOD!! And as I recognize that it all works to make me the person I am intended to be with all my imperfections, I count myself BLESSED! Winter day dreams aside I am looking forward to the sunshine again and the end of this cold :)


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Together for the Holidays!

Together for the Holidays!

From our family to yours! We wish you a special holiday season and may you have the best new year ever!!

Christmas was very special for us this year as it had been a good while since we had celebrated together! The boys were with us for several days and we eat and made ‘merry’ for sure. Here we are at the Martinez home having a beautiful Christmas Day supper. We hope and pray you had a blessed time with family and friends. We keep in our hearts all those who are having health issues and may otherwise be struggling. I realize this is not the best time of year for many people and may we never take our health and well being for granted.

My continual prayer this year is that we all have more up times and less down times. Most of all I am thankful for the love of family and friends!

Peace Be With You!

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The Weather Outside is Frightful…

IMG_0924It is difficult to believe that the weather has changed so dramatically in just a weeks time. But it is the case through most of the country and we certainly can’t complain too much here in the Southwest. It’s mostly cold, dark and dreary, with some showers off and on. Although I wish it wasn’t making the days so short, the rain is welcomed!
Another good thing is that it IS perfect knitting weather and I have a few projects still left to finish before Christmas. So the fire is so delightful…
Let’s all make the best of what God provides and I will remind myself to enjoy this view from my front window!

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Asi Amore…


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More Blessings…

Even more to be thankful for:

Great Grandma (G.G.) and beautiful Asi Amore Maldonado

Great Grandma (G.G.) and beautiful Asi Amore Maldonado

We celebrated with Dana (the proud Mommy) Maldonado, my niece and her princessIMAG0159 and we can’t forget the very proud Grandpa:IMG_1083

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Thanksgiving 2014

This year we visited my brother Danny and Alma for Thanksgiving. Mom was staying for a week and he is the proud owner of a new home in Whittier, CA.   A perfect little nest with a lovely park near by where I did my daily walks pre-holiday meals :)

The food was amazing, and the company even better!photo 1

Mami with sisters Iris and Clara

Mami with sisters Iris and Clara

photo 3My son David was with us. My brother Osvaldo and his wife Nancy came from Laguna Woods but we missed my son Michael who lives in Austin now. My middle brother Orlando and his wife were in Portland and they were missed too! Today Danny’s kids come by for a visit and we will see his newest grandchild, can’t wait!!

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