Together Again!

Springtime at Silverwood Lake

Springtime at Silverwood Lake

This morning my cousin Susie and I met up for a hike around Silverwood Lake. It was a beautiful, clear morning with just a hint of coolness to the air. It has been several months since we’ve seen each other and we have not hiked together since returning from the Camino de Santiago. It was great to be together again on the trail!

I am in California to attend the services of my uncle Mark and this afforded us some time to reminisce and share our thoughts on him, as well as share what has been going on in our lives, along with our goals and plans for the coming year. Susie is planning a BIG hike with friends Bobbie, Angelica and Mark to climb Mt. Whitney! She has tackled maybe 7 peaks so far in preparation for this climb and is continuing to challenge herself further as the August ascent draws near.

I am just beginning to return to the trails and am debating just where my next challenge will lead me. I have no desire to ‘do’ Mt. Whitney but I will keep you posted as to my next adventure. In the meantime you can read Susie’s Blog and follow her progress…I plan on blogging more often as the weather is perfect for hiking and Spring is perfect for picture taking!

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Joys and Sorrows…

Life is full of surprises both good and bad, happy and sad, unspeakable joys and heartbreaking sorrows, such has been the past couple of days for me.

As I shared before my best friend’s son Tyler and his wife Janet had a beautiful baby boy, Gavin! It was with much joy I spent the day with them yesterday. We held and cuddled him and shared our mutual love and adoration for him, as we welcomed him into our world. It was a wonderful time and will be a cherished

Sadly upon my return home I received a call from my mom that my uncle Mark Lima had passed away after just a few days of illness with what appeared to be just ‘the flu’. It was a great shock to us and we are trying to make sense of it all. Such is life…hold my aunt Iris in your thoughts and prayers, these will be difficult days ahead for her. We will miss Mark and remember him with love and affection. While he may no longer be present with us in this life, his spirit will never leave us…

8/29/1931-3/29/2014 R.I.P. UNCLE MARK



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Hitting the trail again!

I am happy to share that my leg has had a good long rest and appears to have mended nicely! I have returned to the trail and have had no pain nor inflammation but the true test will be when I do some consecutive longer hikes this summer. For now I am trekking again preparing for getting in shape and dropping the many pounds that returned to my body since my inactive winter. I am so ready to get fit once more!!

Another nice developement is that I have convinced my husband Mike to join me on the trails and consider doing a ‘Camino to Santiago’ as a couple sometime in our future. He has some issues with a bad knee so we will address that along the way. For now I can share some nice pictures of the trails in Sedona.




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Spring Promises…

New Pavers

New Pavers

Janet's Baby Shower

Janet’s Baby Shower

DipticSpring is here, hooray! Left behind are the cold weather, the dry landscapes and the “flu bug”! Last month I spent a good part of the month with an upper respiratory infection and a cough that lasted over a month with a slow recovery.  (Yes, that was my excuse for not blogging).  Now Spring is here with promises of flowers in bloom, birds singing and Easter just around the corner.

Spring projects are also under way. We have an outdoor project of pavers going down on our driveway, back porch and side porch. I know this will make our visiting guest happy to no longer struggle with slippery gravel backing out of our property. It looks pretty darn nice too!!

One of the events that I wanted to share with you after the flu struck was the baby shower for Janet Martinez. She and Tyler will soon be the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy! Within the next week or so we expect the new arrival, “Oh, happy day!” I will have pictures I promise.

In the meantime here are a few photos of the baby shower. Can you guess what the theme was?

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Saying Goodbye to Sara…

This was my last day with the Rubin’s and I am sad to leave. The visit was special, as special as my dear friends. Sara and Charley shared their warm hospitality and their beautiful city with me and I had a wonderful time!!

Yesterday we visited The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland. It was stunning to say the least! The service, choir, architecture, I cannot say which of those was most beautiful and the mausoleum was jaw-droppingly beautiful. It was a very moving experience.

In the afternoon we visited a couple of local quilt shops.

Today we returned to the city and visited the Palace of Fine Arts and The Painted Ladies, returning to Alameda through Berkeley where we stopped for a late lunch at La Mediterranee. We then made a final stop at a great yarn shop , A Verb for Keeping Warm, what a great ending to a great visit!

I will miss my friend and all the good talks and shared experiences. Until we see each other again this summer I will hold our memories close~!



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Guess where I am?

That’s right San Francisco! I love this city and everything about it! Actually, I am visiting my dear friend Sara in Alameda for four days with  a side trip or two to THE city by the bay.20140201-221051.jpg

The weather has been amazingly mild and sunny. I arrived Friday and after Sara picked me up at the airport and we had a nice lunch, we spent the afternoon shopping! Today was another beautiful, sunny day so we visited the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park, originally opened in 1879, it is the oldest glass and wood greenhouse in the United States. Sara knows how I love gardens and she picked the perfect spot to share with me. We had a fantastic day!

We viewed a special exhibit of butterflies and flowers.

We visited the spectacular Japanese Tea Gardens and had some Miso soup as we lingered a while and took in the sights.

We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and took lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy them all!





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Well, it’s going on three months now that I have been ‘resting my leg’ and waiting for healing of the stress-fracture I was diagnosed with on my return from the Camino. It has been difficult to stay off the foot and I have ventured out with fair results but I am not satisfied that the leg in fact healed.  I’ve recently gone for a second opinion and was told to have an MRI for a better look at the leg even though my last x-ray looked good. I am not prepared to do that just yet, but I am prepared to venture out on the trail again at a slow to moderate pace and see what happens.

With that in mind I joined my friend Tricia today for a hike up to Devil’s Bridge. It was a chilly but beautiful day and we enjoyed the hike very much. She bravely stepped out onto the bridge for a snapshot!

Tricia recently built a home near Cottonwood and we rekindled our friendship from the 1970′s when we lived in the mountain community of Wrightwood, CA. We were quilting friends in those days and she inspired me to make quilts. It is wonderful to now spend time walking the trails in Sedona together!


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