The Weather Outside is Frightful…

IMG_0924It is difficult to believe that the weather has changed so dramatically in just a weeks time. But it is the case through most of the country and we certainly can’t complain too much here in the Southwest. It’s mostly cold, dark and dreary, with some showers off and on. Although I wish it wasn’t making the days so short, the rain is welcomed!
Another good thing is that it IS perfect knitting weather and I have a few projects still left to finish before Christmas. So the fire is so delightful…
Let’s all make the best of what God provides and I will remind myself to enjoy this view from my front window!

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Asi Amore…


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More Blessings…

Even more to be thankful for:

Great Grandma (G.G.) and beautiful Asi Amore Maldonado

Great Grandma (G.G.) and beautiful Asi Amore Maldonado

We celebrated with Dana (the proud Mommy) Maldonado, my niece and her princessIMAG0159 and we can’t forget the very proud Grandpa:IMG_1083

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Thanksgiving 2014

This year we visited my brother Danny and Alma for Thanksgiving. Mom was staying for a week and he is the proud owner of a new home in Whittier, CA.   A perfect little nest with a lovely park near by where I did my daily walks pre-holiday meals :)

The food was amazing, and the company even better!photo 1

Mami with sisters Iris and Clara

Mami with sisters Iris and Clara

photo 3My son David was with us. My brother Osvaldo and his wife Nancy came from Laguna Woods but we missed my son Michael who lives in Austin now. My middle brother Orlando and his wife were in Portland and they were missed too! Today Danny’s kids come by for a visit and we will see his newest grandchild, can’t wait!!

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One foot in front of the other…



-Father Demetri Carellas

I continue to walk the trails of Sedona. I NEED TO BURN FAT! More than that I want to tone my body and amp up my metabolism and get in touch with my body on a daily basis. That was not always my goal as in my youth I was more interested in getting into my Calvin Klein jeans and looking good while doing it! But things have changed and now it’s all about living longer and better (well maybe looking good while doing it ;))


On Chicken Point


Dave and I continue to do well on our juicing program and the scale is going in the right direction! I added a tracking device to my daily routine which tracks your activity and your sleep patterns. It is proving really handy and effective, here is the website for the Fitbit, if you are curious. Over the years I’ve learn a few things about my workouts; I am a great starter but have trouble with the long haul, I don’t like group exercising and do better on my own, I do enjoy music to motivate me and I do best outdoors.


My indoor activities include knitting and I am keeping busy in the cold mornings by the fire and in my quilting studio. More pictures of quilts to come after the first of the year. Enjoy the fall weather!

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Reality Check vs. Negative Self-Talk

We all do it, one is healthy and leads in a positive direction and one does not.11-neg

I sometimes think it would be so nice if my mind could be quiet and I could be totally present to the moment! But that is rarely the case, more often than not, my mind is constantly active and the self-talk never ends. In my last post regarding change and my intentions for losing my excess pounds, dated back in September, I had great resolve and fortitude. I would like to report that it has not wavered but the reality is, being an  emotional eater, I have allowed myself to fall back on old habits and negative self talk. In the past month I have spent time looking at my triggers, how to replace over-eating for comfort with better habits and how to be more forgiving of mistakes and setbacks, these have been my focus this past month.

This journey has always been my most challenging and I am still struggling to find the right plan of attack. Currently I have joined Curves and am following an exercise program that includes workouts and hiking (as weather permits). In the past I have had great success with juicing green drinks so while my son David is visiting we are doing a ‘detox-cleanse’ and will be accountability partners. If you’re curious about juicing check out Reboot with Joe here. Activity and diet go hand-in-hand, for me to be successful I cannot do one without the other. So far this is how the plan is developing and I can report that I am feeling better physically and mentally even though the weight loss has been minimal, the scale is going in the right direction :)

Hike on a cold November morning with my son David:photo

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Mom’s Visit to Sedona

She is “Mami” to me and always will be. Carmen Gudelia Velez Maldonado is presently 88 years old and going strong! I am blessed to have her visit for this month and we are having a wonderful time 2
Our days are relaxed and filled with shopping, gossip, novelas (soap operas), cooking and just being together and enjoying one another.
She is an excellent cook and I am especially interested in watching her cook the traditional dishes of Puerto Rico and learning as much as I can, knowing I will never match her flavors but I am hoping to try.
One of her specialties is Pasteles. Pasteles are a Puerto Rican dish often served at Christmastime. Plantains are grated into dough to be filled with meat (usually pork), and foiled with plantain tree leaves, so it can be boiled to cook the dough. They are a challenge to make and require experience to get the seasoning just right, but well worth the effort! My mom is an expert at it and each time she makes a batch they are coveted my the 1

We had a great day in the kitchen! Gracias Mami!!
P.S. This is NOT diet food :)

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My dearest best friend, confidant, partner in crime, sister of my heart…I love you!
So glad to celebrate another birthday with you even if you are in HAWAII without ME! BLESSING FOR ANOTHER YEAR!


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Family Visit

This weekend we had a quick visit from my niece Vanessa, her husband Peter and their two sons, Peter Daniel and Zachary. It was a great time for Mike and I to have the house abuzz with kids laughter and the sound of pattering feet in and out of the house. One of the things we enjoy best about living in Sedona is sharing the beauty of our surroundings with visitors.

While Vanessa and Peter had been here before, it was the first time for the boys. They made good use of the short time here and did a variety of things. One morning as they were preparing for fishing down at the local creek, KABOOM! the sky broke open with a heavy rainstorm. But in Sedona, if you usually wait it out the sun comes shining through! Off they went on their adventure, unfortunately no fish were caught. Later in the afternoon we went out to Red Rock Crossing to wander along the creek there. The creek was very high and muddy but the scenery was beautiful. The boys also spent some time at the local Sedona Skate Park, taking their scooters (which we later discovered was not allowed, oops!)  they managed to have a great time, just as we did watching them.

Day two, I and the boys had a day together so their mom and dad could have a “Date.” While they went off to a local vineyard and lunch, we went to the park and then to see a movie, ‘Dolphin Tale 2′, then to the local burger place which disappointed because  it did NOT have a playground :( But all in all it was a great visit and we just wish it had lasted longer!

photo 2 photo

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Let’s talk about Change



It is said that change is the only constant in life! And yet we find it so had to do and NOT to do. As I contemplate all the changes I want to make in this next year I am reminded of all the changes that I have already chosen to make. It’s a good thing. But history repeats itself, as we well know from the current state of affairs in our world and the question always remains, “Why are we not learning from the lessons and mistakes  of the past?” I can only attempt to answer this question for myself personally. Change requires consistent practice!

My first intention with sharing these posts with you is that I might remember my purpose in setting, yet again, the intention of dropping the weight. But really it’s far more than that, it’s asking myself;

What do I really want?

Do I really think it’s possible?

Can I set realistic goals that keep me moving and feeling and living like I really mean it?

I believe the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!

My second intention is that you might also find it helpful to ask the same questions about whatever you are finding difficult to change in your life.

For me it’s all about food. You would have thought that I could have figured this out years ago but one of the things we humans are so expert at is avoiding uncomfortable emotions. So, first on my list of changes is to BREATHE and to FEEL and stop numbing myself with food. Find my proper relationship with it. Somehow along my journey food/emotions/comfort/control all got intangled together. But on the other hand food is such a life- giving, pleasure filled, sustenence to be enjoyed! Our culture teaches us to celebrate with food!  From an early age we ARE comforted or rewarded with food, we gather around the table for intimate family occasions and share in the abundance…etc. Food is not just about sustenance but so much more! It’s time to put things into perspective and set some boundaries.

I will take a new track this time around and follow the advice of Socrates,

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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